Friday, October 10, 2008

The O&A experiment

or "Using leftover orange juice to make amazing dessert"

On a boring evening I decided to entertain myself experimenting with agar-agar again. The tricky point was I was coming back from almost a week out of town and the fridge was empty because I hadn't had time and energy to fill it.
The only things left to prepare a dessert were orange juice and dried apricots...

So I came up with the idea of a "cocktail cream" made of apricot, orange and rhum.

When I tried to eat it as a cream (remember? last time I tried it has a texture similar to a "crême aux oeufs"), I found the texture was more like jelly with small pieces of apricot inside and I dislike it.

The O&A experiment remained in a fridge... Until I had a new idea: process it! I put the "jelly" in the food processor for 2min and it came out with a fluffy texture between a cream and a mousse.
And it makes the difference: it was good! To make it more appealing I used some melted chocolate to built a multilayer dessert.

Chocolate leaf (for 5)
25g chocolate
1 tablespoon chocolate
1/4 teaspoon oil or butter

Melt all ingredients together. When melted form a leaf and refrigerate 20min (or more).

Orange cream
-250ml orange juice
-1 tablespoon rum
-5 dried apricot (not mandatory)
-1g agar-agar

Cut apricots in small pieces and let them in the orange juice to humidify.
After 10 minutes, add the rum and a pinch of cinnamon to the juice. Then boil the juice+apricot with 1g of agar for 30s and let it cool down for 2h.
After 2h process in food processor and eat as a cream or build the dessert : cover 1 leaf of chocolate with the O&A cream and alternate layers of chocolate and cream.


lil said...

sounds interesting, but given it's agar agar based, i still prefer it to be jelly i think... ;)

Anne said...

I never tried with jelly, it would probably give same results... let me know if you try to process your jelly.